Probate and Trust Administration

Whenever someone dies, something has to be done with the decedent's estate. Generally, this means either Trust Administration or Probate.


Probate is the public, court procedure that oversees the payment of the decedent's debts and the distribution of the decedent's assets after they die. If the decedent did not have a Will, state law dictates how their assets will be distributed.

Trust Administration

Trust Administration is similar to probate, but generally without Court supervision. The decedent's final taxes may have to be paid and their last debts have to be paid. After the deceased's final debts are paid, their property in the Trust will then be distributed according to the terms of the Trust.

Starting Probate or Trust Administration

Though it may be emotionally difficult for loved ones to begin the process of post-death administration, it is important that the process begin as soon as possible. Frequently, significant legal and financial problems can be avoided by promptly initiating administration. Kristof & Kristof compassionately and efficiently aid in administration during such a sensitive time.