Powers of Attorney/Advanced Health Care Directives Durable Power of Attorney For Financial Management Advanced Health Care Directive

Powers of Attorney/ Advanced Health Care Directives

A Power Of Attorney is a written document in which one person (the principal) appoints another person (the agent) to act in place of the principal.

There are many types of Powers Of Attorney - we feel that the two most important are the Durable Power Of Attorney For Financial Management and the Advanced Health Care Directive.

Under a Durable Power Of Attorney For Financial Management, the agent handles the principal's financial affairs if the principal becomes incapacitated and unable to act for himself.

In an Advanced Health Care Directive, and adult (the principal):

(1) Appoints an agent to make health care decisions for the principal if the principal becomes unable to make those decisions for himself


(2) Dictates health care and end-of-life instructions for the agent to follow upon the principal's incapacity.