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Maintain Control With A Living Trust

A Living Trust May Avoid Probate And Allow You to Keep Control Of Your Assets, Even At Your Incapacity

When you set up a living Trust, you transfer your assets to the name of your Trust - which you control. Even though you no longer legally own the property, you still have the freedom to sell, spend, or give away your assets while you are alive. But when you die or become incapacitated, there is nothing for the courts to control.

You Still Control Your Assets In Your Trust

You maintain full control of your assets in your trust. As trustee of your revocable Trust, you can do anything with your assets you do before the Trust. You can even cancel your revocable Trust.

If I am Incapacitated, Who Has Control Of My Assets?

As co-trustees, either you or your spouse can have immediate control if one becomes incapacitated or dies. If neither of you can act as trustee, or if you are the only trustee, the successor trustee that you name will step in and mange your Trust for you.