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Compelling and Attacking Fiduciary Accountings

Fiduciaries - Conservators, Guardians, Trustee, etc - frequently have a duty to provide detailed information on all money and assets they are in charge of in their roles as fiduciaries. This may include bank accounts, blocked accounts, stock portfolios, etc.

When a fiduciary does not provide accounts as required, Kristof & Kristof can work to obtain the account and can assist in determining if the fiduciary has properly demonstrated that he or she is acting appropriately.

Where it can be shown by the account, or the fiduciaries refusal to account, that the fiduciary has breached their duties, Kristof & Kristof can seek the removal of the fiduciary from their position of trust.

Kristof & Kristof has extensive experience is compelling and attacking fiduciaries, as well as having nefarious fiduciaries removed.